MISHAPS – TV Series Casting


Blackwing Productions in partnership with GHouse Studios is casting for

A Television Drama series “MISSHAPS”


ZUBI LOUNGE 144 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DD

DATE: SAT: 12th May, 2018                         TIME: 10 am - 4pm


At the end of a night out at the club three black girls discover the body of a white fellow night clubber in their car. What began as a blast takes a quick and strange turn leading to a long and curious night.



YEJIDE (AGE, 22) – Female

The flashy Yoruba girl. Born, bred and educated in the UK, Yejiide is a smart articulate and feminine. Growing up in a British Nigerian family she has held onto her roots and comfortable switching from one to the other. Outgoing with a “bling” style but quite fashion conscious. Very high IQ often obscured by her girly mannerisms.

VENICE (AGE, 20) - Female, English / European


A good looking, young, posh but out going English girl. University educated and from a wealthy somewhat sheltered background. Now working in the city’s financial district, living on her own with her boyfriend and discovering the party scene, she is fascinated with her ability to “blend” with different cultures especially with other “black Girls” and likes to have a good time occasionally leaning a bit towards their sense of style and language.

IHEANYECHI (AGE, 21) - Female, Nigerian

The Mouthy Protector. Nigerian of Ibo origin. Self aware and self confident she is an African living in the UK. The only foreign born of the lot. Born in Nigeria and though studied in the UK is ferociously proud to be Nigerian. She thinks it’s her mission to remind the other two black girls of their heritage. Bold mouthy, has an eye for the boys and confident of her seductive skills on which she often leans to get her way, especially with men.

VEA (AGE, 23) - Female of Jamaican decent.

Common sense Mother Hen, educated in the UK and grew up the first in a middle class family of 5.

Her name, meaning ‘Chief’ in Jamaican vernacular, she is the psychological leader of the pack. Quite confident of her blackness but does not wear it as a badge. Likes to party but has a conservative streak.


JAIME – MALE 30’s - English

Youngish Police officer with an eye for the ladies. Spends his free time fixing antique cars and can relate to anyone who talks “cars”.

ELAIN - Female 30’s – English / Asian

FEMALE OFFICER and partner to Jaime. A bit more straight laced and business like but supportive of female issues.

AMECHI - BOY DRIVER 1 – Male, British Nigerian (late 20s)

Smart alec con man type with a serious exterior but sly and looking for how to get something from you.

DRAKE - BOY 2 – Male, Black, (20’s)  

Sneaky player type. Good looking, young and looking for a quick short cut to success. DRAKE sees himself as a ladies man quickly looking for a way to take advantage of them.

JEFF - BOY 3 – Male, African (20s)

Young, Rough and sloppy JEFF is green in the ears following the instruction of his two friends. He is their sidekick.

KANE – European Male (27 – 35)

Artist and all round moocher. Laid back and likes to have a good time. He is


PARTY EXTRAS (7 guys / 7 ladies) - 20s - 40’s

All dressed nicely for a black night club outing. Swanky summer tight fitting dresses all in their.

EXXMAN – Male, blazer wearing drug pusher (40’s)

Interested actors should please send their headshots / interest letter with links to