A Hero Next Door



Through the ages art has established it's self as more than an expression of one person’s opinion. Rather it's become a barometer for societies focus or lack thereof.
History is about those who create change. From the famous to the unsung, those who have chosen to step forward with their unique creative talent and have joined the ranks of game changers. Heroes taking on a quest for the sake of others.

In our ever becoming “me & I” inward-focused world these championing, unique voice are constantly being drowned out. Empty drums they say, make the most noise. Conflict resides where change meets tradition and what are we but comfortable with “our way” of seeing the world. We pay to binge watch change agents in great detail safely wrapped in an exciting story on a screen, but..what about the one’s next door? Whose world history is being written right beside you that you know nothing about? Will you be a part of it, or will progress leave you behind? In their story that will become our history, are we on the villains side or the protagonist’s?


RCAM 2021 - 22

Summer of 2021 at Blackwing Productions we resumed our annual Roll-Camera-action workshop (RCAM 2021) with the Young-dreams-in-black-&-white series. Sourcing and working with a select group of budding, talented creative artists, beginning in the UK. Sharing with them the journey to that sweet spot between their passionately horned creative talent and taking a stand for what they believe, in their own voice.
Who are these creatives? These voices that refuse to be silenced in the face of opposition? Are you one of them?

The issues they share will resonate with many. As we launch into 2022, more of these “heroes next door” will share their voices, engaging with you through documentary and short films about their epic battles rid their world of not-so-cool villains intent on ending the world as we know it. Binge on!!



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