Flash! Bang!!, bright lights and groove, hands in the air in celebration or praise, 2020 is here. Welcome to another exciting chapter on our creative journey.

We ended last year with one of our passions; sharing our stories through young, fresh and creative talent.We have begun with the same  this year. RCAM 2020 offers you the opportunity to explore key stages of story telling from conceptualization, visualization, production and promotion. Some theory and mainly practical work will push you to deliver in acting, story DNA, screenwriting, camera work, post production and the key component, marketing and exhibition.

Yer! sounds like a lot. What you put in though is what you get. Conveniently scheduled around weekends to give you a work around your other important stuff, RCAM 2020 is forward looking and skills rich. As an additional benefit this training process is designed around an NCFE  accredited Level 1 certificate in Interactive Media.

Yep! you're being accredited to have fun and acquire a skill you can apply to earning bread and butter once done! At RCAM we "roll the camera into action", cliche?, yes we know and it's a way to remind us all that to create, we actually have to be doing creative stuff. So right after your Induction process (all the intro and official stuff, we get to work. Hopefully you will see it through to actually be a part of the professional production that completes this stage of your journey with us.

Welcome on Board .