About Roll-Camera-Action Training

R- CAM ACTION Workshop is a partnership between creative partners such as Blackwing Productions, professional players in the media sector and learners. We focus on leveraging positive and productive skill sets to the benefit of each participant while working with key players in the creative education sector.

Working with learners from an accredited course or individuals interested in mastering media skills, our goal is to provide sustainable and contemporary skills training and development to often un-reached communities with a unique voice and untold stories.

2020 has been a remarkable year and we have approached it as a force for change. Our early adoption of online education in digital media skills has been a huge benefit now giving our learners  an edge in a more digital driven world.  Capacity building is at the core of our ‘concept to final print’ philosophy. We consider every opportunity to share our skills time well spent growing a new team of creative experts.

Roll-Camera-Action Workshops

In a fast growing communication driven world, we aim to empower participants. We share with them the

tools to become controllers and creators of rich and noticeable content rather than remain consumers. Each

nation, group, community and person has a unique story to tell. At RCAM we strive to find and share it.